Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Günther Strobl
General Practitioner
Dear patient,

I'd like to inform you about some special features of our company: On acute illnesses appoinments are always given for the same day. We try our best to make sure things run smoothly. If you occassionally have to wait a little we do apologize, sometimes this is unavoidable.

Consulting hours

Monday till Friday 8 am - 11 am
Tuesday and Thursday 4 pm - 7 pm

Within my medical activities I perform the following services:

- home visits in case of urgency
- service at nursing and geriatric homes
- skin tumor removals
- medical wound care
- medical motherhood care
- medical pregnancy care
- cancer screening for men and women
- medical child care
- scientific acupuncture
- cupping
- acuinjection
- chirotherapeutical treatments
- health check-up examinations
- treatment of psychosomatic syndromes
- phlebologic services (vein treatments and diagnostics)
- sonography
- allergy tests
- spirometrics
- electrocardiogram with ergometrics
- infusion therapy
- laboratory tests
- physiotherapy
- whole body blacklight therapy on psioriasis, acne and sun allergy

Practice Opening Hours
8 am - 12 am 
4 pm - 6 pm
8 am - 12 am 
4 pm - 7 pm
8 am - 12 am 
8 am - 12 am
3 pm - 7 pm
8 am - 12 am
4 pm - 5 pm

On Acupuncture

After teaching for several years at the German Acupuncture Society I am efforted to make my great experience your benefit. The following illnesses are treated:

- spinal diseases
- hip and knee diseases
- weight problems
- smoking withdrawal
- migraine and all kinds of headache
- hay fever
- asthma
- slipped disc
- eye diseases
- dyslexia


Especially for children there is the possibility of painless laser acupuncture.

If you prefer to be treated naturopathically, just tell us. Home visits are made if required.

I wish you all the best and I hope that you do not need me too often.


Benedikt Stegmann

Sincerely Yours
Dr. Dr. Günther Strobl



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